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TV Technika Remote Control Replacement for Technika RC1055 LCD32-209X LCD32209 LCD32-209 LCD26HD LCD32HD

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Please note: This product is NOT original. This remote control is unbranded.

New Replacement Remote Control Technika RC1055.


Remote Control is compatible with following TV models for Technika RC1055:

LCD32 HDREADY, LCD15ID107, LCD15ID-107, LCD19-107, LCD19ID107, LCD15ID-107, LCD19HDID-407W, LCD19ID-107, LCD19-107, LCD19-907, LCD19-908, LCD19-909, LCD26HD, LCD26" HD READY, LCD26-107, LCD26-207, LCD26-207HD, LCD26-209, LCD32HD, LCD32" HD READY, LCD32-107, LCD32-207, LCD32-207HD, LCD32ID-207CE, LCD321D-207CE, LCD32-209, LCD32-909, LCD37HD, LCD37" HD READY, LCD37-107LCD37-207, LCD37-207HD, LCD37-907HD, LCD40-107, LCD40-107CE, LCD42HD, LCD42" HD READY, LCD42-207, LCD42-207HD, LCD42-907, LCD42-907HD, LCD42-910, LCD19107, LCD19907, LCD19908, LCD19HDID407W, LCD19ID107, LCD26107, LCD32107, LCD37107,, LCD40107, LCD26207, LCD26207HD, LCD32207, LCD32207HD, LCD37207,, LCD37207HD, LCD42207, LCD42207HD, LCD26209, LCD32209,LCD37907HD, LCD19909, LCD32909, LCD42907, LCD42907HD,, LCD42910.

Connection Type: Infrared

Wireless Range: 5-10 m

No need to set up. Remote Control will work straight away. Just put batteries in.

This Replacement Remote Control is High quality. Unbranded item.

1 Year Replacement Warranty

Return Accepted for Exchange or Refund

If you are not sure if this remote control is compatible with your TV model,  please contact.

I will help you to find perfect remote control for your device.


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